Sellers Guarantee

Here is the marketing plan for selling homes that has been successfully developed over many years.....

quick-reply-promise-verticalBefore You List With Me

  1. MARKETING PLAN- I will present my marketing plan in writing for your home.
  2. COMPETITIVE MARKET ANALYSIS- I will provide you with a current market analysis for your home showing your competition as well as the most recent closed, recorded sales.
  3. FINANCIAL ALTERNATIVES- I will explain any financing alternatives, so that you can decide which methods will best sell your property.
  4. HOME ENHANCEMENT- I will review with you ways to enhance your property for sale to help you achieve the best price obtainable.
  5. ADVERTISING- I will review our advertising methods designed to attract buyer prospects to your listing.

After You List With Me

  1. MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE- I will submit the required information on your property to the local multiple service AND the Southern California multiple service in a timely fashion.
  2. ON-LINE INTERNET ADVERTISING- I will submit your property information onto the several internet sites that we utilized to market your property to its fullest potential.
  3. FOR SALE SIGN- I will place an exclusive Chuck Hurd for sale sign and website rider on your property also showing our telephone number, so that we will directly receive all phone calls for better buyer qualification.
  4. SALABILITY POTENTIAL- I will present your property to my fellow sales associates, and submit to you their evaluations and recommendations to help you realize the most from your sale.
  5. JUST LISTED NOTICES- I will distribute "Just Listed" notices to appropriate areas to make sure prospective buyer's are aware your property is available.
  6. OFFICE / BROKER PROMOTION- I will promote your property to my fellow sales associates and to other reputable and professional brokers in my market area.
  7. PRE-SCREEN BUYERS- I will pre-screen prospective buyers before I show your property, and strongly encourage other associates to do the same, to avoid unnecessary inconvenience to you.
  8. PROGRESS REPORTS- I will provide you with a progress report every 30 days (If un-sold) to communicate current market conditions, and buyer activity as it applies to your house in a timely fashion.
  9. PROPERTY PROFILE- I will send you a property profile with information on your home from our local title company so we have the same information when legal or technical questions arise.
  10. BUILDING PERMITS- I will research and obtain copies of all building permits for your home. This will assist you in accurate disclosure at the time of sale.
  11. TERMITE INSPECTION- I will recommend and assist you in obtaining a termite inspection of your property to find out any potential costs before we negotiate your sale.
  12. INSTALL LOCK-BOX- I will install a lock-box to create access for the professional sales agents in our market area.
  13. PROPERTY INFORMATION TOUR- I will create a professional quality information sheet for local and out of town buyers for your home.
  14. MULTIPLE LISTING TOUR- I will submit and attend a preview of your home by all professional brokers in the area as soon as the tour schedule permits.
  15. TELEPHONE UPDATES- I will call you personally each month to update you on current market activity and advise you of any marketing changes needed.
  16. PURCHASE OFFER- I will review with you all purchase offers as they are presented and assist you in all negotiations. Upon Agreement and acceptance of an offer, I will monitor the progress of the purchase agreement and keep you informed during the entire transaction through closing.
  17. PREQUALIFIED BUYERS ONLY- I will recommend that you do not open escrow until the buyers are pre-qualified with a competent lending institution.
  18. INSPECTIONS AND REPAIRS- I will recommend that you do not open escrow with a potential buyer until they have completed all inspections and all repairs have been negotiated fully in writing.